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Safeguard Your Identity!

First Iowa State Bank has partnered with Identity Theft 911®, America’s premier provider of identity management and data risk management services, to provide the most comprehensive identity management protection in the industry.

The following services are provided to all of our customers at no charge in the unfortunate event that your identity has been stolen or you suspect your identity has been compromised:

Visit for daily news alerts on the latest identity scams and access to a vast library of valuable resources, tips and information.

If you are interested in taking proactive steps to help prevent fraud, Identity Theft 911® has a Credit Monitoring service that can help detect potential fraud. This web-based service monitors your credit report, sends alerts to warn subscribers of any changes, and enables quick, proactive action to minimize the damage. If you are interested in the Credit Monitoring service you must print out and complete the Credit Monitoring Services Agreement and fax it to us at 319-293-6151 or bring the agreement in to any one of our four branch offices. The price for this service is as follows:

$7.95 per month for one $15.00 per month for Joint (2 individuals)
$90.00 per year for one $170.00 per year for Joint (2 individuals)

If you have any questions about the Identity Theft 911® services please give us a call at (319) 293-3794 or (888) 226-5232.