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Important Bank News for First Iowa State Bank Customers

Here you will find Important Bank News for First Iowa State Bank Customers

Important Notice:


By operation of federal law, beginning January 1, 2013, funds deposited in a noninterest-bearing transaction account (including an Interest on Lawyer Trust Account) no longer will receive unlimited deposit insurance coverage by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Beginning January 1, 2013, all of a depositor's accounts at an insured depository institution, including all noninterest-bearing transaction accounts, will be insured by the FDIC up to the standard maximum deposit insurance amount ($250,000), for each deposit insurance ownership category.

For more information about FDIC insurance coverage of noninterest-bearing transaction accounts, visit

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 Fraud and Indentity Theft Prevention Tips
A crucial step in preventing fraud is to learn the ways to protect yourselves and your card. We want to share with you some important safety measures.
  1. Place outgoing mail in Post Office mailboxes or at the local Post Office rather than in a home mailbox.
  2. Tear or shred receipts, bills, or account statements before throwing them away. This includes pre-screened credit card offers that, if thrown away intact, could be used to submit a false application. NOTE: to opt out of pre-screened credit card offers, call (888) 5-opt out (567-8688).
  3. Photocopy the card or record the information and store it in a safe, accessible place. If photocopying, copy the front and back of the card to capture both the card number and the phone number to report the card lost or stolen.
  4. If a card is lost or stolen or fraud is suspected, call and report that immediately using the SHAZAM toll-free interactive voice response system.
  5. If a wallet is lost or stolen and the Social Security number is compromised, call the three national credit-reporting agencies to place a fraud alert on the name and Social Security number. Taking this action prevents fraudulent applications from being approved. The numbers are: Equifax, (800) 525-6285 Experian, (888) 397-3742 Trans Union, (800) 680-7289
  6. Order credit reports every year from the three national credit-reporting agencies (above), or you may order the reports on line at Review the reports for accuracy.
  7. Pay close attention to statements and their billing cycles. If a statement fails to show up on time, contact that organization. A missing bill or statement may indicate a perpetrator has stolen information.
  8. Review statements each month for unauthorized or fraudulent transactions.
  9. After receiving a reissued card, contact any companies with which recurring payments are established to notify them of the new expiration date.
  10. NEVER disclose an account number or other personal information unless initiating the call, transaction, or request. Avoid providing personal information using a cellular or cordless phone. Never respond to e-mail asking for personal information.
  11. Sign the back of the card. Failing to sign the card or writing ?See ID? in the signature panel could actually result in losses.
  12. Immediately report suspicious devices attached to ATMs or POS terminals.
  13. Report instances when a merchant offers to clean a card. It may be a ploy to capture the card data using an electronic device.
  14. Memorize the PIN. NEVER write it on the card or on anything carried with or near the card.
  15. Never reveal the PIN or loan the card to another person.
  16. When entering the PIN, block the view of others by standing between the terminal and the person waiting.
  17. Make sure the transaction is complete and obtain a receipt before leaving the merchant location.
  18. Shop online ONLY at secure Internet sites.

More information about Fraud and Identity Theft can be found at

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MasterCard SecureCode Program
Shazam recently announced enhancements to their MasterCard SecureCode program by adding Activation During Shopping (ADS) for all Shazam Debit Card holders. If you have not already enrolled in the SecureCode program and you visit a participating merchants web site to purchase something, you will be prompted to enroll in SecureCode. You will then have to answer a few questions and select a PIN to use on participating merchant web sites from then on. For more info or to pre-enroll    Visit Shazam's SecureCode Website

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 Shazam Privileged Status Program
First Iowa State Bank is proud to participate in Shazam's Privileged Status Program. This allows us to offer our customers and customers of other Privileged Status Banks surcharge-free ATM use. Customers of Financial Institutions that do not participate in the program will be charged a $2.00 cash withdrawal fee. Look for the Privileged Status logo on the ATM to insure that you will not be charged.   Find Participating Banks and ATMs

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 FDIC Insurance
Confused about FDIC Insurance Coverage of your Accounts? Find out how FDIC Insurance works. This site has a Frequently Asked Questions Page and an Insurance Estimator. Find out everything you ever wanted to know about your Insurance Coverage.   Visit Their Site

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